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About Our Center

About Our Center

Here at Chabad, we believe that every person is a world of his own. We care for each person as we care for the world.

Chabad strives to ensure Jewish continuity through increasing Jewish pride, knowledge, and commitment and works to overcome differences between Jews by creating a caring, non judgemental environment. We believe in the right of every Jew to experience the beautiful treasures of our Jewish heritage, regardless of religious background or financial status.

Part of a network of over 2500 centers worldwide, Chabad provides a wide variety of educational, religious, and social services, according to the teachings of The Lubavitcher Rebbe, toward the goal of making our world a more meaningful place.

We are very proud of our accomplishments on Cape Cod. Weekly Shabbat and Holiday services, community social events, children's programs, and adult educational classes and lectures are ongoing at Chabad. Our Hebrew School and children's summer day camp, Camp  Gan Israel, help pave the way for a Jewish tomorrow.  The Kosher Co-op Group, a project of Chabad, makes Kosher living a bit easier on Cape Cod.  During the spring and summer months, scores of visitors join our services in need of a minyan or a place to pray to G‑d.

We recently completed construction of our new sanctuary, and plans are in progress for the building of a Mikvah.

At Chabad, Judaism comes alive. Whether it is an enlightening Jewish educational class, a personal visit with an elderly person, an inspiring Shabbat meal, or a public Menorah lighting ceremony at Cape Cod Mall, at Chabad, we reach out to every Jew with love and with warmth that comes from a life dedicated to Torah values. 

The spirit of community is alive and well at Chabad of Cape Cod.  We have a growing congregation of Jewish families from all over the Cape. Come experience our home. Come make it yours.


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