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Shabbat and Daily Services

Shabbat and Daily Services



Shabbos Morning Services, 10:00 AM (year-round)
Sunday Morning Services, 8:00 AM (year-round) 
Friday Night Services, time varies  (year-round)
We do not have regular daily minyanim during the winter or summer months based on Cape Cod residents only.  In the summer, if there is a large enough visiting crowd we will organize a daily minyan at the Chabad Center.  Many people vacationing on the Cape would like to daven with a minyan and some may need to say kaddish.  In order for us to know the number of people we can count on for any given day, so we can coordinate the minyanim in advance and you can plan your vacation accordingly, we have established a Minyan Maker System.  Simply, sign up on the dates which you wish to participate in a minyan, the total number of people attending and your contact information.  The number of participants on the date/s you sign up will increase instantly.  If you change your mind and cannot attend, please send us an email to let us know.





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