Goal: $390,000
$391,839 Total Raised
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THANK YOU! WE DID IT! We raised $391,839 for Chabad Lubavitch of Cape Cod! Thank you to our generous matchers for making this a possibility, and a HUGE thank you goes to YOU for seizing the opportunity to do good.


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The Campaign

The Campaign The Cape Cod Mikvah Match-A-Thon campaign is happening August 4-6, 2020! It is set to begin 11:00 am on Tuesday, August 4, and it will end 11:00 pm on Thursday, August 6. For 60 HOURS ONLY every single dollar YOU give to Chabad of Cape Cod will be matched by a group of extraordinary benefactors to help us reach our goal of $390,000!

Your donation will be tripled!


Mikvah Naming Dedication: Reserved
Women's Mikvah Pool: Reserved
Lobby & Reception Area: $26,000
Preparation Rooms 1: $25,000
Preparation Room 2: $25,000
Men's Mikvah Pool: $36,000
Walkway to Purity: $30,000
Main Mezuza: $10,000
*Dedication amounts do not include matched funds

Mikvah Tree of Life Dedication Board: 

 • Founder (Roots): $50,000 & up
 • Builder (Lower Trunk): $36,000
 • Pillar (Upper Trunk): $18,000
 • Gold Leaf: $5,000 & up
 • Silver Leaf: $3,600
 • Bronze Leaf: $1,800
*Dedication amounts do not include matched funds

About Chabad’s Cape Cod Mikvah Project

Chabad has been serving the Cape Cod Jewish community since 1996. As we reach 25 years, plans are finally set for the construction of the first Mikvah on Cape Cod as an addition to the Chabad Jewish Center. A permit has been granted by the Town of Barnstable and we are finally ready to go. Mr. Stuart Bornstein, of Holly Management and Construction, has taken responsibility for the building of the Mikvah expansion project. Pledges by several key donors have been made. We remain short of additional funds to secure the success of this project through completion. We are ready to begin construction as soon as the necessary funds are raised!

The Mikvah we will build on Cape Cod will combine practical beauty with innate spirituality, allowing for a transformative experience that is private, relaxing, rejuvenating, and uplifting.

Please help us reach our goal and help make this Mikvah project a reality!!! By partnering with us you bring blessing upon yourself, your family and our community.

Why is Mikvah so Important!

It is no exaggeration to state that the mikvah is the touchstone of Jewish life and the portal to a Jewish future.

Most Jews see the synagogue as the central institution in Jewish life, but Jewish law states that constructing a mikvah takes precedence even over building a house of worship. Both a synagogue and a Torah scroll, Judaism’s most venerated treasure, may be sold to raise funds for the building of a mikvah. In fact, in the eyes of Jewish law, a group of Jewish families living together do not attain the status of a community if they do not have a communal mikvah.

Why is Mikvah seen to be so fundamental to Jewish life? Because the spiritual connection to G-d that immersion in the Mikvah provides to the individual is something that can not be attained at the synagogue or through Torah study. Immersion of the body into the pure water of the Mikvah reflects the conscious suspension of the self as an autonomous force. The immersing Jew signals a desire to achieve oneness with the source of all life, to return to a primeval unity with Gd. Immersion indicates the abandonment of one form of existence to embrace one infinitely higher. In keeping with this theme, immersion in the mikvah is described not only in terms of purification and revitalization, but also, and perhaps primarily, as rebirth.

The mikvah offers the individual, the community and the nation of Israel the essential gift of purity and holiness that precedes prayer and study.

Please help us reach our goal and help make this Mikvah project a reality!!! By partnering with us you bring blessing upon yourself, your family and our community.


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